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Language editing, collaborative writing, peer review, journal selection, cover letter development and response to reviewers

We specialize in helping authors publish their work in the behavioral and social sciences and in medical education and training. Our services are personalized, affordable, discreet, and fast. Our editors are also published authors with advanced degrees. See below to explore the primary services we offer and our basic rates, or contact us directly for an individualized price quote.

Language Editing

Often, writers whose first language is not English are at a disadvantage when it comes to publishing their work. We can help. We specialize in helping non-native English writers improve the language of their texts so that the science can be communicated most effectively.

Peer Review

Before you submit your paper to a journal, allow us to act as a peer reviewer. With over 30 years of experience in the academic editing and publication process, we can almost always point out ways to improve your chances of receiving a favorable review.

Reviewer Recommendation

Many authors don't realize that they can ask for their paper to be sent to the reviewers of their choice, and some authors don't know how to choose appropriate reviewers. With our reviewer recommendation service, we use four critical factors to find reviewers who are likely to be interested in your work, and able and willing to give your manuscript an objective and informed review.

Cover Letter Development

The cover letter that accompanies your submitted manuscript creates a first impression with the journal editor. Do you know how to present your work in the proper way, with a professional cover letter? We do!

Collaborative Writing

You've completed your study; you just need help writing up what you've done and ensuring that your ideas are communicated clearly. Let us assist you!

Journal Selection

If you've never published in an academic journal before, or if you're publishing in an area that's new for you, you may not know which journal is the best match. Because we work regularly with journals across the social, behavioral and medical sciences, we can offer expert advice.

Response to Reviewers

After submitting your work and having it reviewed, you may need help understanding what the reviewers expect in the revision, or you may want to have your responses to the reviewers checked to make sure they are appropriate in content, professionally worded, and address all the points the reviewers have raised. Let us guide you in the process of creating a revision and a response letter that satisfy all your critics.

Book Proposals

Do you have a book to share with the world? Development of a solid book proposal is an important step in attracting the interest of a publisher. Our proposal development service helps you to find an appropriate publisher and to craft the kind of proposal that highlights the value and audience appeal of your work.  

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